Tips For Upgrading Your Ride

Over time, most riders will find that their interest in the maintenance of their bikes will grow. It can be fun and challenging to learn how to properly maintain your bike. It’s also useful to understand the areas in which small improvements can greatly improve the performance of your machine.

Most avid motorcyclists find as much enjoyment in the process of caring for their bike as they do in actually riding it. Sometimes caring comes in the form of simply cosmetic improvements, such as a new paint job. Other times, you might be looking to improve your bike’s overall performance.

While most people are quick to jump to add-ons or customization, there are a number of smaller steps that can be vastly beneficial. Here are a few ways to improve your motorcycle’s function:

Proper Tire Inflation

The first major thing to pay regular attention to is tire pressure. Properly inflated tires can significantly increase your motorcycle’s performance. Overfilling tires can make your bike harder to handle, while not enough are will also compromise your ability to handle your vehicle and severely impact your bike’s fuel efficiency. For most motorcycle tires, the suggested PSI (pounds per square inch) is somewhere between 34 and 38 PSI.

Tire Tread

Obviously, your tires are bound to wear over time. Depending on how much mileage you’re putting on your bike every week, your tires might need to be replaced sooner than later. At the very least, they might need to be regularly rotated. Uneven tread can make your bike much more difficult to handle, putting you at increased risk on the road.

Throttle Cable Length

If you’re concerned about how your motor responds to your touches on the throttle, you may need to adjust the throttle cable length. A shorter cable with less slack will respond quicker to your touch, which can make your bike harder to control. However, a cable that is too long and has too much slack will make the motor’s response much slower, possible putting your safety in jeopardy as well. It helps to experiment to find the perfect balance for a steady and predictable throttle response.

Chain Care

Chain care is also of supreme importance when it comes to maximizing your bike’s performance. Over time your chain can become loose, which increases its’ likelihood of breaking when you really need it to remain intact. A rusty or dirty chain will also cause your bike to lose horsepower and handle poorly. Regular adjustments and lubrication of your bike’s chain is paramount when it comes to getting the most out of your bike.

Oil and Filter

Just as with other vehicles, regular oil and filter changes will help your motorcycle’s engine run more smoothly and efficiently. Be sure to use motorcycle-specific oil in conjunction with a high-quality filter to get the most out of your bike.

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