SKULLY AR1 Technology For Bikes

It’s time to usher in the new generation of motorcycle helmets. With integrated technological innovations galore, the SKULLY AR-1 is the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. With a heads-up display, a rearview camera, and GPS navigation, this new-age helmet is sure to help you ride in style.

The new helmet, produced by the SKULLY Company, which was founded just last year by Marcus Weller and his brother Mitchell, is receiving rave reviews from riders and riding magazines alike. Road & Track magazine called it, “The most anticipated motorcycle helmet ever produced,” while Popular Mechanics declared that the helmet would be the catalyst for “the beginning of a motorcycle tech revolution.”

SKULLY has been able to move forward with their revolutionary technology thanks to the help of an incredibly successful campaign on INDIEGOGO. With an initial campaign goal of raising $250,000, the motorcycle helmet idea more than surpassed its’ goal, raising a total of $2,448,138 before the campaign closed.

The Weller Brothers came up with a clever slogan to promote their technologically superior helmet: “Honor The Moment.” At SKULLY, “We believe technology should eliminate distractions. It should remove blind spots. It should provide you direction when you want it, and help you focus your attention back where it belongs – on the road.”

The SKULLY AR-1 helmet has many amazing features, some of which include:

Heads-Up Display 

The heads-up display automatically keeps everything in focus using a transparent display with a convenient display position. It will show you all critical information that’s in your line of sight, allowing you to keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead. 

Situational Awareness 

With an ultra-wide angle rear view camera, GPS navigation, and a high-speed microprocessor, the SKULLY AR-1 will help you remain aware of everything going on around you while you’re riding. The GPS navigation will remain incredibly functional, even in low-reception areas. 


While the SKULLY AR-1 sports an exceptionally lightweight and aerodynamic polycarbonate shell for the rider’s comfort, it also doesn’t compromise when it comes to safety. The helmet is DOT/ECE certified, and it boasts a fog, scratch, and glue resistant visor, as well as a quick release chin strap and visor to keep the rider safe. 


Every SKULLY AR-1 helmet is Bluetooth-enabled and capable of connecting to the Internet through your mobile phone. Any required software updates can be installed with a quick and easy air-sync. 

Perfect Fit 

The helmet is available in many sizes from small all the way to XXL. Interchangeable padding inserts allow for further customization and the lightweight, aerodynamic design provides for the utmost in comfort. 

Intelligent Sound 

The helmet also boasts integrated audio, hands-free calling, and streaming music, helping to make your riding experience as seamless as possible.

The SKULLY AR-1 is currently shipping worldwide and is available in matte black or gloss white. If you wish to learn more about this innovative motorcycle helmet, or brother tandem that is bringing this vision to fruition, please click this link.