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Tires For Different Road Conditions

Tires For Different Road Conditions - OMG Motorcycle Training - Tires Calgary

Whether you’re looking to replace a worn set of tires or simply upgrade to something a bit more suited for your riding level, you must realize the importance of understanding the different types of tires available to you. If you’re driving off-road or on the street, you need to know what type of tire will
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What To Do When Bad Weather Comes Out Of Nowhere

Surely you’ve pictured the scenario in the past. You’re out for a nice, casual weekend ride when the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. It was beautiful when you left the house in the morning and now you’re a couple hours away and you feel totally unprepared for the weather that’s rolling
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SKULLY AR1 Technology For Bikes

It’s time to usher in the new generation of motorcycle helmets. With integrated technological innovations galore, the SKULLY AR-1 is the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. With a heads-up display, a rearview camera, and GPS navigation, this new-age helmet is sure to help you ride in style. The new helmet, produced by the SKULLY Company, which
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Bad Habits That Put You at Increased Risk of Accident on the Road

At OMG Motorcycle Training we stress the importance of riding lessons for amateur riders in order to prevent those bad habits from forming early on. Even the most experienced riders can develop lazy and dangerous habits over time. While SUV and sedan drivers might get away with being a bit lazy behind the wheel, motorcyclists
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