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Pros and Cons: Synthetic Gear vs. Leather

Synthetic Gear vs. Leather - OMG Motorcycle Training - Synthetic and Leather Gears Calgary

If you’re a relatively new motorcycle enthusiast, you might not have had the time to accumulate the essential riding gear yet. If you’ve been using a certain type of gear for as long as you’ve been riding, it might help you read about some important differences in materials. Most motorcycle apparel is either leather or
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What Style of Bike is Right For You

As a motorcycle enthusiast, it’s important for you to know what type of bike would be right for you. There are many different styles of bikes available out there, and the right fit will ultimately depend on your individual skillset and preferences. Motorcycles are now more specialized than ever before, which can actually make your
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How to Prepare your Motorcycle For the Winter Months

With winter approaching rapidly, motorists are starting to prepare their respective vehicles for the weather changes ahead. Whether you own a motorcycle, chopper, dirt bike or ATV, now’s the time to start thinking about winter storage. A lack of action to prepare your motorcycle for storage will increase the likelihood that your bike will seize
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Tips For Upgrading Your Ride

Over time, most riders will find that their interest in the maintenance of their bikes will grow. It can be fun and challenging to learn how to properly maintain your bike. It’s also useful to understand the areas in which small improvements can greatly improve the performance of your machine. Most avid motorcyclists find as
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