Calgary Motorcycle Training Courses

OMG Motorcycle Training offers the following Calgary motorcycle training courses, with student to instructor ratio of 6:1 :

Courses are weather dependent but generally start April 1 – Oct 31st.   Call 403-874-4039 if in doubt due to weather.

Basic – Weekend Course Saturday  –  Sunday
9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Basic – Weekday Course Monday  –  Thursday
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm


We teach with a hands on approach with instructors that have over 100 years of combined riding experience and knowledge, to provide safe up to date and efficient training.

Our course consists of two different classes, one occurring on week nights, Monday to Thursday evenings, and the other course being on Saturday and Sunday during the day. Our course runs about 16 hours of both on the bike training as well as some theory training for the best knowledge outcome. We focus on teaching core riding skills, and for this we use about 12 of the 16 hours on the bike for training, the other 4 hours is made up of theory and knowledge training in our classroom. We provide a motorcycle for your training. We teach many different topics based on safety, defensive driving, and how to manoeuvre on a motorcycle. The list below are some of the topics included in the lesson plans, and requirements for taking this course.

Course Objective

Teach new riders the fundamental skills required to operate a motorcycle.

Student Requirements

Be at least 16 years old, Driver’s Licence- minimum class 7 (Learners licence), Personal protective gear including over the ankle boots, NOTE: Running shoes will NOT be permitted, and a class 6 knowledge test available at an Alberta registry.


  • Personal Risk Assessment: Self-evaluation
  • Introduction to riding gear and types of motorcycles
  • Controls on the motorcycle and their functions
  • Pre-trip Inspection: Fourteen point inspection
  • Riding Skill Theory: Vision skills, Control factors, Weight transfer, Traction, Counter steering
  • Hazard Recognition: Road conditions, Traffic, Environmental factors
  • Riding Strategies: Road position, Visibility, Think ahead, Have a strategy
  • Emergency Strategies: Braking, Collision avoidance
  • Group Riding

 Other Course Options

We also offer private lessons and advanced semi-private lessons. In these you will go over the full curriculum as mentioned above, with a more personal touch.

We offer half day options for our Private course, and day options to the Advanced semi-private course.  These are offered on demand for students only. For this option, students must bring in their own bike for training.


Our pricing is as follows:

  • Basic Course is $575.00 + GST
  • Private (Half Day) Course is $350.00 + GST
  • Advanced Course Semi-Private (Per Day) is $350.00 + GST (Students are required to provide their own motorcycle for the Advance Course sessions.)
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