Bad Habits That Put You at Increased Risk of Accident on the Road

At OMG Motorcycle Training we stress the importance of riding lessons for amateur riders in order to prevent those bad habits from forming early on. Even the most experienced riders can develop lazy and dangerous habits over time.

While SUV and sedan drivers might get away with being a bit lazy behind the wheel, motorcyclists don’t have that luxury. Riders must be aware of their surroundings at all times to remain in control of their bike and minimize their risk of being in an accident.

If you’re wondering what regular actions or oversights might put you at an increased risk on the road, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few bad habits will increase your likelihood of being in an accident on the road:

Lack of Regular Maintenance

This one is a no-brainer. Every tool and machine in your garage or shed needs a little “TLC” from time to time. Your motorcycle is certainly no exception to that rule. You can’t get away with simply scheduling maintenance when issues arise. Regular maintenance visits or weekly self-cleanings will help to ensure that your bike is in riding condition when you want it to be.

“Low Eyes”

As with operating any vehicle, it’s important to look further ahead than the road just ahead of you. On a motorcycle, this is especially important, because you’re often traveling faster and there can be an increased tendency to ignore what’s approaching in the road ahead. Looking further down the road will help you plan your lines more efficiently, ride smoother, and ultimately be more prepared to execute an emergency avoidance maneuver when and if you find yourself in that position.


On a motorcycle, overtaking other vehicles can be one of the most dangerous maneuvers you engage in. As a motorcyclist, you must realize that you come up on other vehicles much more quickly than most drivers are used to. Coming up on other vehicles too closely before passing can put your intentions in question as well as irritate the driver in front of you. It’s unnerving when other cars do it to you, so don’t do it to other cars.

Failure to Heed Weather Warnings

Weather is a much bigger factor for motorcycles that for other vehicles, if only for the simple reason that motorcycles only have two points of contact while other vehicles have at least four. Rain can be much more dangerous to the motorcyclist that you might imagine. In fact, the window just after the rain stops is one of the most precarious; as parts of the road will be dry and other parts will be wet. This requires extra attention from the rider in order to operate their bike in the safest manner possible for the current road conditions.

Relying on a Single Check

When checking your mirrors and over your shoulder prior to overtaking another vehicle or making a lane change, time can relegate even the most experienced rider to just a single check. More often than not, you’ll be okay with one check, but there’s no reason that another vehicle couldn’t move to overtake you between the time of your first check and when you begin your maneuver. A second check will never hurt.

When it comes to motorcycle riding, quality, up-front instruction can help you avoid falling into these bad habits from the start. Check out the motorcycle training courses available from OMG Motorcycle training today by visiting us online!