About OMG Calgary Motorcycle Training School

At OMG (One More Generation) Motorcycle Training we teach lifelong riding skills that will make your motorcycle ownership more enjoyable and safer too.  Our motorcycles are ready for you to ride and gain confidence. Our instructors have over 45 years combined riding experience.

Riding a motorcycle is a high risk activity, this is because motorcycles have the disadvantage of being less stable, smaller and more vulnerable in a crash than other vehicles on the road. New riders have a higher risk of getting into a collision because they are not familiar with the controls and handling characteristics of their motorcycle.  At our Calgary motorcycle training school, we teach new drivers safety, rules of the road on a motorcycle, defensive driving, and all the controls and handling characteristics that comes with a motorcycle over any other vehicle on the road.

Our courses at OMG run throughout the week, we have an evening Monday to Thursday course, and a Saturday/ Sunday day course. Our courses are 16 hours of theory and riding training. The classes consist of approximately 4 hours of theory, in classroom skill sets, rules, and knowledge training. The other 12 hours consist of actual on motorcycle rider training, small drills and tests, longer practice rides for experience, and try out everything that was learned in shorter rides or in the classroom.

For your on-road Government test, we offer rental bikes for a small fee. We can set up your road test for you through an affiliated registry. We teach what your road test will include, with a presentation that we have created to go over all things with you, and make sure all basis are covered.

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