Tires For Different Road Conditions

Tires For Different Road Conditions - OMG Motorcycle Training - Tires Calgary

Whether you’re looking to replace a worn set of tires or simply upgrade to something a bit more suited for your riding level, you must realize the importance of understanding the different types of tires available to you. If you’re driving off-road or on the street, you need to know what type of tire will
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Pros and Cons: Synthetic Gear vs. Leather

Synthetic Gear vs. Leather - OMG Motorcycle Training - Synthetic and Leather Gears Calgary

If you’re a relatively new motorcycle enthusiast, you might not have had the time to accumulate the essential riding gear yet. If you’ve been using a certain type of gear for as long as you’ve been riding, it might help you read about some important differences in materials. Most motorcycle apparel is either leather or
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